QT Cakes is now in its 5th year. The business was setup in 2001 when Charlotte baked cakes in her kitchen and found customers through self advertising. Through brilliant word of mouth the business has grown and we now have our own shop and a team of 9 bakers.

Between our team of bakers, the company has 55 years of professional baking experience. 3 of our 9 bakers are tremendously artistically and creatively gifted and they come up with new flavour combinations and decorative designs every week to add to our ever growing portfolio.

Our bakers are really passionate about discovering new flavours and new decorations - it is undoubtably what drives them. As you can see in our portfolio, our cakes and particularly our wedding cakes are really original.

We make some colourful cakes for a lot of big fat Asian weddings, which are requested very frequently. We take our inspiration according to the theme of the wedding that we are catering for, or indeed from preferences from the bride and groom, as well as from their own love story

Our speciality is obviously the wedding cake and birthday cake, but we can also offer you all kinds of cake. You can either choose your cake from our portfolio, we can create one with you or if you prefer you can give us free rein to use our imaginations to create your cake from scratch. If you do this we will or course first give you a sketch of the design and if you’re happy with it we will make sample version of the cake so you can make the final decision. If you are not happy with the cake we will make changes accordingly. If you choose to go down this route please leave us more time to get the cake just right.

We know how important a cake is, so we promise to use the highest quality ingredients and techniques to create the perfect one. We are committed to giving you the best and to making your special occasion taste even sweater.

We take between 12 and 24 hours to make the cake but we take between 4 weeks to create the design and imagine the mix of flavours, so please allow for this.



Adventurous Animal Cakes

One of our most popular types of children’s cake is the cake which consists of chocolate cake with vanilla icing. The cake is usually topped with one or more animal.

Wonderful Wedding Cakes

Our more popular type of wedding cakes tends to be the more contemporary ones, where each layer of cake is filled with a different flavour combination.